By Jim Melwert

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBS) — PennDOT is teaming up with the Pennsylvania department of health to try to raise awareness for organ donation.

Department of health deputy secretary Loren Robinson remembers being 16, getting her driver’s license, and being asked for the first time if she wanted to be an organ donor.

“I was like, “Absolutely not, that sounds so scary,” Robinson said.

But she said over her career and especially during her medical training, she’s come to realize how it does make a difference.

“How important, how life changing organ donation is,” she said.

She said, now, instead of just ‘do you want to be an organ donor?’, the question at the DMV will be phrased a little different.

“Pennsylvania strongly supports organ and tissue donation because of its lifesaving and life enhancing opportunities. Do you wish to have the organ donor designation printed on your driver’s license or identification card?”

Robinson said she’s urging everyone to answer yes to that question, because…

“You immediately provide hope to one of 8,000 men, women, or children in Pennsylvania waiting for a lifesaving transplant.”