By Mike DeNardo

By Mike DeNardo

GLASSBORO, N.J. (CBS) — Rowan University is urging students and staff not to drink the water, after elevated levels of lead were found in several buildings on its main campus in Glassboro.

Rowan University has disconnected drinking fountains and is handing out bottled water in dorms, while it tries to find the source of elevated levels of lead.

Rowan spokesman Joe Cardona says the problem was discovered in July, after complaints of discolored water in Linden Hall, an administration building.

After elevated lead levels were found in Linden Hall, Cardona says other buildings on the same water line were tested. Cardona says four campus buildings had elevated lead levels:  Linden Hall, Bole Annex, the Carriage House, and Oak Hall.

He says the municipal water system is within acceptable levels, so the investigation centers on campus buildings.

Rowan President Ali Houshmand (credit: David Madden)

Rowan President Ali Houshmand (credit: David Madden)

“You have to study the pipe system.  Is it the faucet?  is it the pipes?  Is it the solder?  Is it the source?  A comprehensive testing like that will take months.”

The university,  in a letter from president Ali Houshmand, says using the water for showering and doing laundry is safe, because lead is not absorbed through the skin.

In the meantime, Cardona says Rowan is providing bottled water for students to brush their teeth and cook with.

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