PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter praised Donald Trump’s speech laying out his immigration policy and concluded that statements he made last week hinting at softening of his hard line stance were a ruse to lure media outlets into giving his stance of the issue greater coverage.

Coulter, who spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, believes Trump’s plan all along was to lure the cable news networks into carrying his full speech on immigration.

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“He is such a brilliant strategist. I notice this during the campaign, every once in a while, he’d do something and I think, I wish he hadn’t said that and, like, three days later, after seeing how it played out, I’d realize, oh my gosh, I see what he’s done…Wow, he got every network to tune into the greatest speech in human history.”

She praised his agenda while chastising past administrations for not controlling the migration flow into the country.

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“First step: Build the wall. Second Step: Let ICE do its job. Third step: Stop importing jihadists and welfare recipients. Fourth step: Enforce E-verify to protect American jobs. Fifth step: Prosecute all social security card, ID theft, voting fraud. Then, once all the borders are secure, the criminals gone, our vote and jobs secure and the third world no longer pouring in, we’ll get to what to do with the illegals still here. If you take out the negative statements of Trump’s ten step plan last night, like not doing the stupid stuff Obama’s doing and Bush did, the catch and release, the executive amnesty, allowing countries to just say when their nationals commit heinous crimes in our country and those other countries say, no we’re not taking them back, we’re leaving the rapists with you, we just say okay, no, we don’t have to do that. There are already laws on the books that allow us to refuse any visas from their country and lots of ways to punish countries who won’t take their criminals back.”

Coulter also echoed Trump’s promise to prioritize American workers.

“Our entire immigration debate, he said, will be based on this principle, putting Americans first. It’s American jobs we need to protect. By the way, that includes an awful lot of black people, an awful lot of Hispanics. These are Americans. We need to protect them first.

Stigall and Coulter will be appearing at the Investors Bank Performing Arts Center in Washington Township, NJ on September 22 to discuss her new book, In Trump We Trust, and the presidential campaign. Tickets are available now at


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