PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eric Trump, the son of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, says Pennsylvania will be crucial in determining who occupies the White House following November’s election.

Trump, who spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, insisted the Keystone State is of vital importance when voters go to the polls later this year.

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“It’s everything. I know the state incredibly well, in fact, I went to school in Pennsylvania for five year, right outside of Philadelphia, in a great little town called Pottstown. I just know the area very, very well and I know Pennsylvania very well. But Pennsylvania is a critical state to this election. It’s everything. Quite frankly, I think Pennsylvania represents so many of the issues that my father has been talking about since day one on the campaign. Whether it be jobs, whether it be manufacturing, whether it be coal, putting people back to work. Pennsylvania, first of all, has amazing people, secondly it’s got amazingly patriotic people, people who love this nation and hasn’t really been served very well by the policies of past administrations.”

He stated his father’s campaign is not concerned about by being outspent by former Secretay of State Hillary Clinton’s team in key swing states, like Pennsylvania. or their standing in the polls.

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“If she’s throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at us and we’re beating her in the polls, the LA Times came out yesterday, we have a three point lead in the polls. There’s so many more, I could literally go down a list. The Reuters poll has us dead even as of today. The Economist/YouGov poll has us three points up,  really, really great polls coming out. She’s dumping hundreds of millions against us and we’re winning, and I think we’re doing a great job.”


Trump continued to insist that Clinton exemplifies the corruption and graft in the government that his father is determined to eliminate.

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“Look at the Clinton Foundation, which has been the source of so much discussion. Look at $35 million coming from Saudi Arabia into the Clinton Foundation and then a weapons deal happens a couple days later. Look at, you know, the United States government giving 20 percent of all uranium in the United States to Russia. That’s, obviously, material that they use to build nuclear weapons. We give 20 percent of all uranium stockpile from the United States to Russia and then, all of a sudden, the Clinton Foundation gets $145 million from the people who orchestrated that deal. Look at what happened with the disaster relief funds that went to Haiti, the people who profited off of it. The list goes on and on, but the corruption is horrible. Hillary and Bill have made $250 million since Bill Clinton left office. I’m trying to figure out what they’re selling. We sell apartments. We sell wine. We sell other things. What are they selling that they made $250 million?”