PHILADELPHIA  (CBS) – AB Stoddard, an editor and columnist at Real Clear Politics, discussed the troubles to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign caused by her email scandal and how Donald Trump refuses to capitalize on the political opportunity.

Stoddard, who spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Democratic insiders are spooked that the continuing drip from the scandal could harm Clinton’s election hopes.


“They know that the Clinton’s are in this vortex where they believe that a) a lot of the stuff, they think they’ve done nothing wrong and then they, secondly, believe that it doesn’t matter and they’re untouchable and so none of the people around them have even tried to stop this or massage it or spin it or recommend things like shut the foundation down now to stop the bleeding. The national party is just stuck in the wind, having no idea what’s going to be revealed today or at the end of September or early October through official release channels, let alone what’s going to surface just unexpectedly from Russian intelligence or Julian Assange or Guccifer or anybody else. It’s absolutely terrifying.”

She thinks the former Secretary of State only adds to her dilemma by continuing to deny any wrongdoing.

“She always doubles down. She always digs in. She always uses defiance. She’s never accountable. She never tries to lance the boil even when it would help her politically because she absolutely believes she’ll survive. What’s amazing about the earlier scandals of her husband’s Presidency didn’t teach her, as she sought the Presidency twice, how to avoid inflaming herself in what, ultimately, became the biggest Clinton of all, which is her taking government records and housing them on a rogue, unsecured server.”

Stoddard also believes that the Trump campaign’s continued mistakes and errors has prevented them from seizing on the chance to improve their standing in the race.

“Look at the last week that Hillary Clinton had and look at his total shoot-in-the-foot let’s have an immigration flip flop story that lasts nine days, that is fed day-in and day-out by surrogates going out and making jokes of themselves, people tripping all over themselves. Nobody knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and I actually believe he’s helped her just in this last week alone.”