Philadelphia (CBS) – Donald Trump Jr, the son of the Republican candidate for President, attacked his father’s opponent and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, over allegations that she closely mingled the business of her own foundation while heading the State Department.

Trump, while speaking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said her actions would be considered criminal in the private sector.

“If we did this as business, the way they’ve run that, you’d be in jail. The fact that they can get away with it for years, where you have 85 donors contributing as much as $156 million to a foundation that companies like Charity Navigator, that rate charities, that go around looking at charities, telling them how efficient they are, what they do, how well they spend their money, they won’t even look at it because they have no idea. It’s mind boggling. I don’t get it and I think people are finally starting to realize that this is just a big scheme.”

He believes no one should be able to accumulate the wealth the Clinton’s have while running a charity.

“I hear about Hillary Clinton’s life of public service. I know a lot of public servants. They do some incredible work and yet, I don’t know any of them who’ve amassed fortunes of a quarter of a billion dollars, having not built a company, having not started anything, having not hired people and created jobs and done anything. It’s mind boggling that this is accepted from the ‘leaders’ of this country, just peddling influence. Really, as an American, to me, it’s disgusting.”

Trump also questioned whether the Clinton Foundation has delivered on the services they claim and is skeptical of claims that foreign contributions will no longer be accepted there.

“We talk about all the great work that they do, but no one knows where it goes. I know a lot of the people in Haiti were disappointed by the things that were supposed to have been built down there. It just seems very weird. All of a sudden, now that she’s running for President, they will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations, but why was that okay as Secretary of State? Our number one diplomat, it was okay for them then, but it’s not now? Basically, they’ll only change when the optics of it appear such. So, I’m sure they’ll figure out another way to get around it when they actually get in there. It’s just a sad thing.”