Philadelphia (CBS) – Donald Trump Jr said his father will not oppose immigration if elected to the White House, but it has to be done legally and without taking jobs away from American citizens.

Trump told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that his family has gone through that system.

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“We’re not against immigration. I’m the son of an immigrant. He’s the son of an immigrant. But, there’s a process by which we have to go through. We have disastrous job numbers for African-Americans and African-American youth in this country because there’s people that are coming in here that are working off the books, undercutting those wages, taking jobs that could go to Americans. That’s doesn’t work. It’s not sustainable. Those same people are effecting a lot people in the Latin community as well.”

He insisted there is a proper way for immigration to take place for both the economy and for public safety.

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“There is a process by which people have to come into the country. They have to do it legally. We have to know who’s here. We have to be able to do it. It’s not just an economic thing, which is certainly is, as well, but it’s also a national security issue…There’s certainly room for immigration but it has to be done correctly. Just follow the existing laws on our books today that our border patrol isn’t allowed to follow.”

Trump also promised his father will force non-compliant cities to cooperate with federal authorities.

“When you look at the concept of sanctuary cities and what that does and the hardship it’s cause so many Americans when you talks about the illicit drug trade coming over an, effectively, open border. It just doesn’t work. It’s not sustainable. It’s really effecting Americans. This campaign’s been about putting America first.”

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