By Dom Giordano

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (CBS) – I’m usually the one that defends people in our area for some of our local habits and customs. I go after lazy sports media people who routinely call our sports fans animals and dredges up repeated stories of throwing snowballs at Santa Claus. I get why people in South Philly should be able to park in the middle of Broad Street due to the lack of enough parking places.

However, I draw the line at our area’s obsession with all things scrapple. I mentioned on Friday that is a bakery in Ocean City, is selling out each day their new scrapple pie. They claim it outsells apple, blueberry and everything else.

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This obsession with scrapple in an era of more healthful eating is amazing.

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But the local custom that I’m probably most out of step with is the defense of not allowing people to pump their own gas in New Jersey. This issue is back in the news because Governor Christie at a town hall in Bordentown said that the issue was gender based. He said in surveys his staff conducted 78% of women opposed being able to pump their own gas.

I want to pump my own gas in order to get in and out as soon as possible, but I hear from people who want to fight to the death in defending the current policy. I realize Jersey has much lower gas prices, but that’s due to guys like Governor Corbett taxing us excessively in Pennsylvania. Self -serve being outlawed doesn’t lower the cost.

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So I hope for the day when the scrapple obsession fades and I can pump my own gas in Jersey. I’m on the fence about the Mummers but I have until January to figure that out.