By David Madden

COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. (CBS) – A South Jersey based web business has come up with a unique way for people to go on vacation.
But it’s not for everybody.

They call it “Top Secret Trip” and they’re not kidding. Katey Miller is one of the two people behind the Collingswood based business that’s been up and running for eight months now.

“Just providing people with a definitely amazing and unique travel experience by planning trips for them based on their budget and travel preferences,” Miller tells KYW Newsradio, “and we keep the destination top secret until the day that they leave.”

The more information you give them, the better they can plan.

“They can fill out preferences on what type of weather they want, what types of activities they want to do on their trip, what type of hotel accommodations they prefer,” she said.

Some of this is based on trust, since people get their travel documents in a sealed envelope a day or so in advance. But opening that envelope at the airport is part of the game.

They’ve only booked a dozen trips so far, but then again, they just started.

Want to check it out for yourself? Click here.