PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Acting Attorney General Bruce Castor spoke with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about assuming command of the office following the resignation of Kathleen Kane after she was convicted on charges of perjury and obstruction.

Castor said he is working hard to boost the reputation of the Attorney General’s office.

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“The public confidence part will be achieved by doing our job and doing it well and making sure that people know the excellent work that members of the office of Attorney General do. For people who have been paying attention, since I began this five or six months ago, we have been publicizing big arrests and major decisions that we make because there’s no way that the public would think that the Attorney General is doing anything other than fighting among themselves and fighting with other prosecutors if we didn’t do that. I decided that’s the direction we would go in and I detect an uptick in moral. Certainly, people tell me that.”

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He made very clear that he was not a fan a of the woman he is now replacing.

“I was very critical of the Attorney General, some of the decisions that she made that were earlier on in her term. I thought that the Attorney General should have defended the law of Pennsylvania, whatever it is. I thought that some of the optics of the decisions that she made and her appearances and whatnot were not well thought out. I had a generally negative impression of her legal acumen and her management style that was gleaned from reading news accounts.”


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