3pm – Trump calls for ‘extreme vetting’ of immigration applicants

4pm – How Are You Making Your Coffee?

4:05pm – Anthony Weiner caught in new flirty online chat

4:10pm – Biden Tells Scranton Crowd Hillary Clinton Is Just Like Them

4:12pm – Trump: I’ll only lose Pennsylvania ‘if cheating goes on’

4:20pm – Hillary Clinton: ‘Unfit’

4:30pm – Rich spoke with Attorney Rich Kaser regarding the mistaken shooting of his client, Jerry Sykes.

5pm – Bill Clinton: FBI Director’s Claim That Hillary Mishandled Classified Info Is A “Load Of Bull”

5:05pm – CNN’s Camerota: There Wasn’t Line Between State Dept and Clinton Foundation

5:22pm – Stein hits Clinton on emails: Voters “owed an explanation”

5:50pm – Scarborough: Trump “Knows He Is Going to Lose”; Supporters Are Wondering “Does This Guy Want to Win?”