PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A protest was held on Friday over the statue of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo.

The statue stands outside the Municipal Services Building across from City Hall. The statue has stood in that spot since 1998.

Today, some members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who want the statue taken down, staged a protest, placing a KKK-like hood on the head of the statue.

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“Rizzo was the king of racists bigots,” said Black Lives Matter protester Asa Khalif. “Every king deserves his crown and that’s his crown,” Khalif said. He also exchanged words with Rizzo’s grandson, Joe Mastronardo.

The hood was removed by police. Petitions are underway by those in favor of removing the statue and those who want it to stay put.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney released a statement which read in part:

“I’m happy to have a dialogue about the future of Rizzo’s likeness in relation to its location, but that dialogue won’t be started and finished over a few days and a few hundred signatures.”