6am- Donald Trump suggested that only 2nd Amendment people can stop Hillary Clinton’s potential Supreme Court picks. 

6:05am- Obtained via a lawsuit against the State Department, Judicial Watch has released 44 new Clinton emails that had not previously been turned over to the government. 

6:25am- The Orlando night club shooter’s father was seen in attendance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee, FL.

6:35am- What’s Trending- Michael Phelps won his 21st Olympic gold medal, Will Adele be performing during the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show?, Crystal Pepsi is back on store shelves, and Burger King announces the release of the “Whopperito.”

7am- Mayor Jim Kenney reads mean tweets.

7:50am- Chris welcomes the Piazza Pet of the Week into the studio. Check out cbsphilly.com/piazzapet if you would like to adopt a pet.

8am- Dr. Andrew Daniele and Dr. Jennifer May Lin stopped by so that Paige can experience the Olympic created phenomenon of “cupping” therapy first hand. 

8:15am- Author and small business owner, Paul Downs, joins the show to discuss his book, “Boss Life: Surviving My Own Small Business.

8:30am- What’s Trending- Matthew McConaughey was spotted at the Rio Olympics, the estate of Marvin Gaye is suing Ed Sheeran, and Justin Timberlake and the rest of Nsync got together to celebrate JC Chasez’s 40th birthday.