By Molly Daly

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are looking for a carjacker who shot and wounded a man in Southwest Philadelphia early this morning.

A quick-thinking officer may have saved the victim’s life.

Just before 12:30 a.m. an officer taking a report in the 1900 block of 60th Street heard gunfire, and went to investigate.

At 60th and Woodland, he found a man who’d been shot several times in the leg and abdomen.

The cop applied a tourniquet to the wounded man’s leg, and rushed him to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he’s listed in critical condition.

Investigators learned that the victim and another man were stopped when someone tapped on the car window, asking them to get out so they could talk. The passenger told police he saw another man lingering nearby.

The driver was shot as he fought with the suspect, who jumped into the victim’s green Pontiac, and drove off. The car was later found a block away.

Police are looking for both the attacker, and the second man.