By Trang Do

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. (CBS) – Heavy rainfall and flash flooding across Mercer County, New Jersey led to several water rescues and blocked roadways Saturday.

“Once I realized it was the water, I just pulled off the road, trying to be safe,” said Amber Fulhaber of East Windsor Township.

First responders and tow truck drivers were busy from afternoon through evening, as the Princeton area received nearly six inches of rain in the storm.

“It’s just one after another,” said Don Engesser of KOVI Towing. “We’re on police call, so we’re just pulling people out of the water, getting them to high ground.”

Andrew Griffin and his wife Jodi took matters into their own hands and feet, wading through as much as two feet of water on Alexander Road in West Windsor Township. Andrew was one of dozens of people stuck on the platform of the Princeton Junction Train Station, which was surrounded by water.

“The water was coming from the east side of the station, underneath and all the way down to the parking lot, down Vaughn Road and to Alexander here,” he said. “Since then, I was trying to figure out a way to connect with my wife, and we eventually ended up carrying our suitcase through this water here.”

Some took chances driving through the floodwaters and ended up full of regret, when their cars got stuck.

“They’re crazy,” Fulhaber said. “Don’t drive through water, it’s just silly. I’ve seen too many bad things happen.”

“Pay attention to the road cones and the saw horses, they put them up for a reason,” Engesser adds. “They don’t do it because they’re bored. They do it because it’s dangerous.”

Princeton University also reported serious flooding. The Wawa on campus was closed much of the night to deal with flooding issues.

A State Of Emergency was declared in West Windsor Township Saturday evening.

A Flash Flood Warning was also in effect in Mercer County.