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The May edition of Starter’s Review brings us Emily Bittenbender, Founder and Managing Partner of Bittenbender Construction. She discusses her entrepreneurial journey and career as a trailblazing, woman executive in the male-dominated construction industry. Bittenbender’s professional career spans from EwingCole to the City of Philadelphia, where she managed all $3.2 billion of the city’s design and construction projects as the 29 year old capital program director. Since founding Bittenbender Construction, she has influenced major developments in Philadelphia including the National Constitution Center, Central Green at the Navy Yard and Love Park.

Even with her success working for other companies, Bittenbender knew that she ultimately wanted to start something herself. She believes a positive company culture is integral to success and stresses the importance of building a team at Bittenbender Construction.

Starting her business did not come without its challenges, including liquidating all of her assets for initial capital. With 55% of her team women and 22% minorities, Bittenbender encourages
diversity and believes it differentiates her company from competitors. A diverse workforce and mindset delivers a competitive advantage and exemplifies Bittenbender’s ambition to change
what the construction industry looks like.

Watch Dr. Donna DeCarolis and Emily Bittenbender discuss leading the way as a woman in a male dominated industry, overcoming hardships in your entrepreneurial journey, managing risk and more in this month’s Starter’s Review.

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