PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Famed attorney Gloria Allred expressed her elation that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate for President in November.

Allred, speaking with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, is thrilled that the formal nomination came in her hometown.


“I’m excited because we’ve always said in the women’s movement that a woman’s place is in the house, the White House. Now, we’re going to make this a reality. It’s very, very exciting to come back, have it happen in Philadelphia in July. This happens to be my birthday month. I just turned 75 years old and this is the best birthday gift that I could ever have to have it happen right here in Philadelphia.”

She is celebrating this historic breakthrough for women, seeing Hillary Clinton become the first nominee for a major political party.

“We have always, always urged that women should have an equal role in the political process. Right now we’re a minority. Very few women in the United States Congress, in the United States Senate and we want equal participation. Of course, to have it at the highest level, the White House, will really be an inspiration to our daughters to know that they can break through that glass ceiling.”

Allred explained her opposition to Donald Trump, saying he is beneath the highest office in the land.

“This is presidential politics and I just think hurling insults is just not the best way to teach our children how to win an argument. I think really that where people stood on the issues was important. We know that Mr Trump is the insulter-in-chief. I’m very concerned. When we get past all the entertainment value, it’s where he stands on the issues. One of the most important issues for me who is going to nominate to vacancies on the United States Supreme Court. There is one vacancy now. There will be more. Mr Trump has told us in advance who his nominees will be. Many of them are anti-choice, against the right to choose abortion. I’m not going back to the days before Roe v Wade when I almost died from an illegal and unsafe abortion. I want it to be legal and safe and available. Most of all, we need to have a President who is in support of birth control and Planned Parenthood and Mr Trump is not.”