By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police had to detain several protesters on Tuesday evening after some were seen trying to hop a fence into a secure area near the Wells Fargo Center.

Earlier on day 2 of the Democratic National Convention, hundreds marched on Broad Street, beginning in North Philadelphia and ending at City Hall. The protesters came from all over the country, but their message was singular.

Organizers say they were protesting the death of black men at the hands of law enforcement and the use of excessive force.

“We just have a social and injustice problem,” said protester Sonja Burketh. “It’s much deeper than most people realize.”

Black Lives Matter organizer Erica Mines told Eyewitness News that while all were welcome to protest alongside the group, this struggle is one that solely impacts African Americans. “It comes with the understanding that we as black people are the most disenfranchised in this country, if there is going to be any type of revolution, the freedom and the liberation of our people because we are the most oppressed communities.”

“I think in solidarity we can win and I think that one of the chants that I did hear was that the people united will never be defeated and I think if we stand up for our black brothers and black sisters and stand up for their children we can win,” said Kristi Reish.

Lending her voice and support to the message, at one point, was actress Ashley Judd. “I was on my way to the criminal justice reform panel at truth to power and rock the vote and this is the most perfect and poetic diversion,” she said.