PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Joel Pollack, Senior Editor-At- Large for Breitbart, reacted to the chaos of boos and protests during the first day of the Democratic National Convention saying the party has real issues but seemed to figure it out by the time Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama made it to the stage.

Pollock told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the opening of festivities revealed deep rifts that still need to be healed.

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“This is a dis-united convention beset by protests, racked by internal divisions and uncertain how to unify. But, in much the same way the Republicans pulled it together by day four, the Democrats pulled it together by prime time. Though the booing continued, especially and most effectively during Sarah Silverman’s call for unity, when it came down to the keynote addresses, the booing was subdued and I think the message got through.”

He believes the First Lady did a good job of focusing on what really matters to everyone gathering this week in South Philadelphia.

“Michelle Obama saying that if Hillary could reconcile with Obama, Bernie can reconcile with Hillary. She didn’t say it in so many words, but that was the effective message of her speech. Then you had Bernie, himself, telling his supporters that the way to continue his political revolution was to vote for Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump. Those are the take away messages. Whatever else happens during the course of the evening, that’s, kind of, the win at the end of the day for the Democrats.”

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Pollack believes that despite intense divisions within, they will eventually unite behind the shared goal of defeating Donald Trump.

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“I think they’re going to be unified in the voting booths because what Democrats are doing, I think, successfully is appealing to the shared hatred of Republicans and fear of Donald Trump. But the party is really tearing itself apart. They lost their chair yesterday. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is gone. I was in the section where some fights were breaking out. People are really upset and they want it to be known they’re upset even if it doesn’t have consequences for their vote.”