By Molly Daly

by Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Volunteers from a number of immigrant rights groups marched in Center City today to push for the creation of just immigration policies, and an end to deportations.

Chanting “Not one more,” the marchers carried signs calling for a moratorium on deportations and the dismantling of detention centers. Adelina Nicholls, who lives in Georgia, says the increased expulsion of migrants under the Obama administration is breaking up families.

“The separation of families is huge, and have affected deeply our community. There are many parents — just in Georgia, we have more than 48,000 US citizen children without a parent, or both, because of the amount of deportations.”

(credit: Molly Daly)

(credit: Molly Daly)

Nicholls says since the Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling blocking the president’s executive order protecting some five million undocumented immigrants, the #Not1More campaign is calling for action from the current, or possible future, president.

“I think that neither the Democrats or Republicans have had a great concern about immigrant issues, and it’s time for someone to solve it,” said Nicholls.