By Marcy Norton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pack up your drone and any other flying item you’re fond of, until the Democrats leave town. The “no fly zone” in place during the DNC doesn’t only apply to airplanes.

The Federal Aviation Administration released a YouTube video designating Philadelphia and the surrounding areas as a ‘No Drone Zone’ during the convention.

The no fly zone for certain aircraft extends for 30 nautical miles from the Wells Fargo Center, which is the convention hub, and that applies to the No Drone Zone, too. An FAA release says flying a drone, or even a remote controlled model aircraft, is against the law and could result in criminal or civil penalties of up to 11-hundred dollars per violation for individuals and more than 27-thousand dollars for companies.

The restrictions will be in place from 2 p.m. Monday through 5 p.m. Friday.