By Steve Tawa

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — While the Republicans continue their run in Cleveland at the convention, Pennsylvania US Senator Pat Toomey made the rounds in Philadelphia to push his re-election campaign.

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He is not yet warming to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Senator Toomey says it’s been more productive for him to visit more than a dozen counties this week, seeing hundreds of Pennsylvanians, rather than talking to a few dozen delegates in a hotel room at the convention.

“Look, I’ve been very clear about my reservations about Donald Trump. I still hope to get to the point where I’m fully supporting him.”

Tawa: ‘Obviously, he’s the Republican nominee.’

“He is, and I will never support Hillary Clinton under any circumstances, ever. But before I make an endorsement, I do want to spend a little more time watching and listening.”

Tawa: ‘What specifically are you looking for?’

“There isn’t a checklist that I have. There isn’t an item that indicates that’s what I’m looking for.”

Tawa: ‘Is it more about personality?’

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“I’m looking for tone, demeanor, temperament, as well as some specifics on policy.”

Senator Toomey says he likes the Supreme Court nominees Trump has listed.

“They are very qualified, capable, competent people that would make good Supreme Court justices.”

And Trump’s choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate.

“We served together in the house. Mike Pence is a thoughtful, smart, capable guy. He’s been a successful governor. That was a good choice.”

While Senator Toomey originally supported Florida senator Marco Rubio for president, after Rubio dropped out, he voted for Texas senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primary.

But Toomey disagrees with the way in which Cruz stirred up the RNC crowd in Cleveland, by withholding an endorsement of Trump.

“Personally I think Ted Cruz took the wrong way. If you aren’t going to support him, then you shouldn’t go up on stage.”

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Toomey is in a tough battle with Democratic opponent Katie McGinty. While Toomey was in Philadelphia to receive an award from the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association during a private meeting at its convention, the group will also meet privately with McGinty.