PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One of the most listened-to-women in America, political talk radio host Laura Ingraham, has gained popularity not just for her commentary on American politics, but because what many deem to be her controversial outspoken nature.

Here are some examples of her most talked about quotes:

“Hillary Clinton should be absolutely crucified for her lack of performance as Secretary of State.”

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During her August 2, 2013 show, Ingraham spoke about Hillary Clinton and criticized her for what she believes to be her lack of ability to perform her duties as Secretary of State. During the same radio show, she claimed that the entire country was, “emboldened by Barack Obama’s weakness.”

“44 million people sucking on the — of the government. You know, the udder of the government.”

When Ingraham was discussing the amount of people using Food Stamps, she said this controversial line. She went on to compare people who use foods stamps to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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“This is what it’s come to in the United States of America. How are all the new Muslim immigrants going to feel about the transgender exception for the bathrooms. We’re supposed to be a multicultural society? What about the Muslims? We know that they’re offended by this.”

“The administration led by Barack Obama are abusers of our Constitution.”

Ingraham’s favorite talking point on her show is questioning the actions of the Obama administration. She announced that Obama’s treatment to the constitution is “like spousal abuse.”

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Ingraham’s speech at the RNC last night has gained her some extra notoriety and with the elections heating up, we should expect to hear more talked about opinion from the popular radio host.