PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Republican political operative and supporter of Donald Trump, Roger Stone, repudiated Ted Cruz, following the Texas Senator’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention in which he refused to endorse the GOP nominee, saying, “I think Fat Dracula is done.”

Stone, during an interview with Dom Giordano, stated that Cruz thinks he is much more important and popular than he really is.

“He thinks he’s Reagan. He thought his soaring oratory was more important than whether he endorsed the ticket. It’s a misnomer. This guy is odious, oily, slippery. There is nothing likable. I think the likability factor is very key. I don’t think he hurt Donald Trump in the slightest. Nobody is going to vote for Trump or not vote for Trump based on what Ted Cruz does.”

He remains confident that Trump will attack Hillary Clinton head on in the general election to win the White House.


“I think he’s got ask her the hard questions that she’s manged to avoid for almost 30 years. The Clinton’s ability to spin the mainstream media means they’ve never been confronted. Hillary, there’s $6 billion missing from the time you were Secretary of State. Just missing. Where’s that money? Did you steal it? Where’s the money? There’s so many questions you can ask. Why did you threaten and bully and intimidate Bill’s victims like Juanita Broaddrick, Christy Zercher, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones? What was it that Hillary said? These women deserve to be believed. Women who are assaulted deserve to be believed. What about the women assaulted by her husband?”