PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Florida Governor Rick Scott expressed confidence that, despite a Republican party convention full of setbacks, Donald Trump will win his state in November’s presidential election.

Scott, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said voters know Trump is the candidate that will focus on the economy.

“We’re going to win. The reason we’re going to win is it’s about jobs. Donald Trump is a business man. We have a clear choice here. It’s clear. Donald is business person. He’s created private sector jobs. Hillary Clinton is a career politician. You know she has never focused on building jobs. We got Donald Trump who wants to destroy ISIS. It’s big issue in my state right now. She had her chance and she failed. She has not ever focused on building the military or taking care of law enforcement. He will.”

He used his own experience as an example of why voters will choose another candidate without political experience.

“Republicans have rallied behind him. They have. I can tell you, in Florida, they have clearly rallied behind him. They know that he’s going to focus on jobs. They watch what I’ve accomplished over the last five and a half years. They see if you elect a business person that focuses on something, something will happen.”

Scott dismissed the controversy caused when Texas Senator Ted Cruz refused to formally endorse Trump, and instead chose to look ahead to the match up with the Democrats.

“There’s two people on the ballot. Ted Cruz is not on the ballot. Donald Trump is on the ballot. Hillary Clinton is going to be on the ballot. If we’re not supporting Donald Trump, we are helping Hillary Clinton. So, we all have to say Donald Trump is our candidate. He won the primary fair and square. He needs to win in November so we turn this country around.”