PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter addressed Ted Cruz’s speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, saying it shows Donald Trump is making an effort to bring the party together.

Coulter, during and interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT with Chris Stigall, stated that Trump was using the slotting of convention speeches to expand his appeal among GOP voters.

“I don’t think anybody who actually endorsed Trump is speaking. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Kris Kobach hasn’t spoken. I haven’t spoken. Scott Brown hasn’t spoken. I think it’s Trump’s doing. I suppose the idea is, I already have those voters, now I’m going to reach out to all the people who didn’t support me.”

She is dismayed that the loyalty Trump has shown was not returned from the likes of Cruz and a few others.

“He’s getting zero credit for this. He’s totally reaching out and trying. It’s like dealing with liberals, every time you extend an olive branch, they bite your hand off.”


Coulter also weighed in on Trump’s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence, explaining that while she was not happy with the pick, she has now accepted it.

“I’m not going to bash him. When your friend gets engaged to a loser, you can attack all you want until they walk down the aisle. But the moment you walk down the aisle, you better zip your lip. So, he’s walked down the aisle. I only attacked him on Twitter when it was a rumor. There were reports. Once, he made it official, OK. You can’t believe all the liberal media trying to get me to attack Pence, and I’ve said nope.”