PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Author and Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT from the Republican National Convention about his opposition to Hillary Clinton and explained why he thinks she should never be President.

Byre, whose book, Crisis of Character, about his time serving in the White House protecting Bill and Hillary Clinton was released earlier this year, said no other federal employee would be permitted to operate a private email server to send classified documents.

“There are many, many government employees, members of the military who have made a mistake one time. She had 110 emails on her server…With her supposed experience everybody thinks she’s so great, you don’t understand how email works? 15 minutes in the government, any employee knows you can never, ever, ever send classified information on the internet.”

He wishes FBI Director James Comey had recommended indicting her, but recognized how difficult it would have been to win a conviction.


“He was never going to get a conviction. If it was you or me, slam dunk. But because it’s Hillary Clinton who slips out of everything and she can go from being the supposed greatest next leader ever to I didn’t understand how email worked. And 24 hours later, nobody remembers that she said that. Basically, what he did was he let her go and then on the way out the door, he thumped her hard.”

Byrne thinks Hillary Clinton appears awkward on the campaign trail and stated the reason for that is that she has no ideological core.

“The reason she seems so uncomfortable is because she can’t really be the real Hillary Clinton because it won’t be acceptable. And two, everything they do is poll driven. Everything they do is a manipulated message. My take on, after observing them for eight years and protecting them and the transitions I’ve seen, I don’t think she really knows who she is.”