PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Joel Pollack, the Senior Editor at Large for Breitbart, accused The Daily Show of trying to crash a ‘Gays for Trump’ event hosted by fellow Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos at the Republican National Convention, but objected when he attempted to also film what they were recording.

Pollack told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he was planning to compare what they aired on television with what actually occurred.

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“We got sand bagged by The Daily Show. They were doing what they normally do, which is they were trying to get people to interview with them and if you know anything about how The Daily Show works, you know that they often splice the interviews or they edit the interviews to make the people being interviewed to look as stupid as possible and that’s how they get the laughs from the audience. The audience knows to expect these things. In this context, you’ve got gay conservatives which is unfathomable to The Daily Show and to its audience…I was going to film to see if they were going to treat him fairly. I was just going to get the raw video and then when the show came out, it’s about our party right, the gay conservative party, I was going to see what happened. They immediately told me to stop filming. I said this is a public space. This is public property. [I have a] Constitutional right to film wherever I want basically…You can film and I can film and we can film each other. But, you can’t tell me that I can’t film. I have a First Amendment right to film. I don’t have a First Amendment Right to shut you down and you can’t do it to me either.”

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He said any legitimate news organization should have no problem being filmed in the process of gathering footage.

“If you look at the way reporters operate around here…Some of these people are celebrities. Jake Tapper walked by. Major Garrett is probably here some where. These are people that are well known in their own right. They’re celebrities. They don’t mind being seen doing what they do. You can tag along behind them. You can film them as they do it. They know that they operate in the public sphere. That’s what real journalism is about. Even the comedians who are here, that try to troll other people, they don’t mind being filmed…That’s what you do if you’re honest. The Daily Show is dishonest with the way they treat their subjects and so they didn’t want me filming. They did not want it to be seen. They didn’t want you to see how the sausage gets made…and eventually they just packed their cameras and their bags and they left.”

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