By Anita Oh

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — “They got $6,” Steven Johnston said.

He said that is the amount that thieves got away with after allegedly assaulting him while he walked his dog on Sunday night in Levittown. “They had me by the neck, down on the ground while they were pounding away, going through pockets.”

He believes that his pitbull, Princess, may have saved his life by biting the suspects. He said two men hit him from behind, then proceeded to pummel him repeatedly.

The alleged assault has longtime neighbors on high alert. “It’s not safe! The streets are getting crazy,” said Shane Kramer. “There’s a lot of jobs out here. Get a job. You don’t need to be robbing people for money.”

Neighbors who spoke with Eyewitness News said they’ve seen more crime in their area in recent years. “It makes me want to move,” said Keith Jackson.

“Really. It’s getting worse. It’s getting worse by the week.”

A few weeks ago, we spoke to Johnston, after what he believes was an attempted luring of his 4-year-old son, but he says this attack seem completely unrelated.

“A fast thing of money. That’s what they were after. And like the $6 they had, they wanted it that bad that they took it,” he said.