PHILADELPHIA  (CBS) – Foreign policy analyst Ed Turzanski provided some analysis to explain the aftermath of a failed attempt at a coup in Turkey to overthrow their President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turzanski, the John Templeton Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT he expects Erdogan to exact violent revenge on those who tried to depose him.


“It’s certainly one of the worst run coups imaginable. The big mistake they made is they didn’t get their hands on Erdogan because he managed to get on Facebook, got to an independent television station and broadcast a message to his followers: take to the streets. They did. Now you’re seeing the terrible retribution. This payback’s going to be bloody. This is a hot mess.”

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He also detailed the connection a Turkish exile living near the Poconos has to the attempted overthrow.

“Fetullah Gulen is a one-time supporter of Erdogan’s. He’s not nearly as aggressive in terms of trying to overturn civil society, but he is an Islamist. Quite peaceful. He’s behaved himself while here in the US. He was an ally, then became a critic as Erdogan became more and more dictatorial. Now Erdogan says, that’s the guy who did the coup, I want him extradicted.”