By Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new road rage study reveals a huge percentage of American drivers lose their cool while behind the wheel, and millions take it way too far.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says 80 percent acted out in road rage during the last year.

Speaking to some drivers during the morning rush in Roxborough, they say it’s so easy to get frustrated at others.

“I don’t like when people fix their makeup in the mirror while driving. It’s annoying and not safe.”

“People on their cell phones and they’re half way in the road, half way out of the road.”

Victor has a story he’ll never forget. He says it happened at a red light.

“Guy walked in front of me and he had a problem with his car. He walked in front of my car and he was so mad he just pounded his fist on my car, put a huge dent in it and went running away.”

That’s the type of behavior that the Triple A Foundation worries about.

They say eight million Americans get really nasty. A few examples: ramming into other cars or getting out and confronting drivers face to face.