By Melony Roy

by Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Curalate, a leading tech startup in Philadelphia, has been announced as the first local official technology provider of the Democratic National Convention, joining AT&T, Microsoft, and LG.

“Our platform will give a voice to the more than 50,000 people that will descend upon Philadelphia for the Convention, and will give those voices opportunity to tell stories to millions of people around the world,” said Curalate CEO Apu Gupta.

Gupta made the announcement at Curalate’s headquarters alongside Mayor Kenney, DNC Chief Innovation Officer Andrew Binns, and DNCC Digital director Kelli Klein.

“Today consumers increasingly discover the world around them through images and videos. What applies to products will begin to be applied for politics as
well,” said Gupta.

Mayor Jim Kenney speaking at the Curalate announcement. (credit: Melony Roy)

Mayor Jim Kenney speaking at the Curalate announcement.
(credit: Melony Roy)

Curalate’s technology is used by 850 of the world’s leading brands to make connect their images and videos to the products contained within them.

The DNCC says with Curalate, it will be able to capture and connect any image associated with the convention to information about the Party platform. As well as blog posts about the event, or details of attractions or special offers in Philadelphia during the convention.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny had this to say at the announcement:

“In order for the DNC to be as successful as possible, partnerships with city businesses are very important. These partnerships allow both the DNC and the biz community here in Philadelphia to grow and expand their reach. Since so much of this convention is about visuals, I think partnering with Curalate was a great decision by the host committee and convention officials. Curalate’s platform will grant those who are unable to make the trip a fantastic opportunity to see what’s going on in Philadelphia inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center”

The DNCC will display Curalate content on its website, social media channels, and on screens inside the Wells Fargo Center and Convention Center during the convention.