By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It was a popular video game in the 90’s, and now, it’s among the hottest apps out there today.

Pokemon Go is sweeping through the nation, including in Philadelphia. But for some, it’s changing their lifestyle.

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“It took a game like this to get us to get out to do a crazy trip like this,” says Connor Noll, who came to Center City from the suburbs with his friends.

On what was a quiet, peaceful evening, “a Pokemon showed up and we were all just trying to catch it, everyone lost their minds,” says Alain Loiseau.

A rare Pokemon draws the attention of a group of people outside the Franklin Institute. (Credit: Andrew Kramer)

A rare Pokemon draws the attention of a group of people outside the Franklin Institute. (Credit: Andrew Kramer)

Loiseau, Noll and a few dozen others outside the Franklin Institute grabbed their smartphones and..

“You get Pokeballs,” Loiseau explains. “And you then throw as many as you can until it finally catches it.”

Pokemon Go is the latest craze. In Philadelphia or wherever you’re playing, you get more Pokeballs at various landmarks.

“We went to Penn’s Landing, 30th Street, University City, we’re on our way to the Art Museum right now,” Loiseau said.

It’s safe to say, he and his friend, Alphonso Washington, have been busy lately:

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“We’ve been out every evening since Thursday, going out, catching Pokemon,” says Washington.

The game has also helped Kevin Mabery become more active:

“We haven’t been walking up and down somewhere for a long time.”

But he and his friend, Kate, are doing that now. Same with Kristie Cox:

“I’m waiting for the first weight loss story to come out on this.”

Everyone seems to be in agreement, Pokemon Go is a great way to meet new people too.

“The best part of this game is it does bring everyone together,” Noll says.

“You get to be outside, be active, make new friends,” adds Loiseau “I’ve interacted with at least 30 people today just by playing a game.”

“It’s bringing people together in a great way,” Washington says.

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And if you’re keeping score at home, everyone outside the Franklin Institute when the rare Pokemon appeared, captured him!