3pm – FBI Director James Comey testifies on decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton

3:20pm – Rep Trey Gowdy rips into FBI Director James Comey on Hillary Clinton’s ‘intent’

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3:40pm – Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the ‘Star of David’ also?

4pm – Rep. Will Hurd Goes For The Jugular During Comey Hearing, Demands One Set Of Law Be Applied To All

4:20pm – Eric Trump: Ivanka would make a great VP

4:25pm – Head chef fired for bragging about feeding meat to vegans on Instagram

4:28pm – Philando Castile Shooting in Minnesota Leads Governor to Seek US Investigation

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4:30pm – Republicans, Wake Up! The FBI is Tainted

4:50pm – Sen. Lankford, others asking for suspension of Hillary Clinton’s security clearance

5:20pm – Trump rejects criticism, vents at news media in campaign speech

5:30pm – Rich spoke with National Review Online editor and author of Conservatarian Manifesto Charles CW Cooke about the killing of Philando Castile and gun violence.

5:50pm –  Philly Mayor: It’s “Not Christian” to Deny Communion to Gays

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