PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  Fourth of July weekend is usually fun, except for those who are frightened by loud noises. Many pet owners find fireworks are stressful for themselves and their furry friends alike.

Gillian Kocher from the Pennsylvania SPCA has some tips to help prepare your pets:

  • Desensitize pets to the loud sounds by playing videos of fireworks on youtube leading up to the 4th of July. Gradually increase the volume over the course of a week to get them used to the noise
  • Bring and keep any cats or outdoor animals inside
  • Ensure that all animals have proper identification – a well-fitting collar and tags, best case – microchips
  • Allow animals to hide – it is their coping mechanism. If they must be contained, put them in an area where they are most comfortable and feel safe – perhaps their crate!
  • Mask the noise with radio or tv
  • If you are near a fireworks display, close your windows
  • Send calming messages to your dog if they do react to the fireworks – if you aren’t making a big deal of it, they won’t either