By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Protesters planning to demonstrate at the Democratic National Convention have a legal team behind them, and not just the stalwart, ACLU.

Defense lawyers appeared at a rally with protesters today, promising to protect their rights.

Representatives of about a dozen groups outlined planned protests, including marches down Broad Street every day of the convention that are, as yet, unpermitted.

The city has been vague about how it will treat unpermitted protests, so Jody Dodd of the /Up Against the Law/ Legal Collective says her group will be on hand to safeguard their rights.

“We will be in the street with folks observing, documenting, photographing. If folks are arrested, we will be tracking them through the system and putting them in touch with lawyers who are ready to defend them.”

Among those lawyers is Larry Krasner.

“I am very hopeful there are not going to be arrests, that the city’s going to see the light and learn from the terrible mistakes of the RNC, but if they don’t we have a legal team that is ready and committed to defending the protesters down to the last one.”