PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Author and cable news host Eric Bolling explained his support for Donald Trump while discussing his new book, Wake Up America, with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Bolling, who co-hosts The Five on Fox News, said that Trump’s outsider status is what made the deepest impression with him.

“I saw he was resonating and, honestly, if you follow what I’ve done for nine years on Fox, I’ve always been the guy who is the anti-establishment, the guy who likes the outsider. I can’t stand business as usual in Washington, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat. I get in trouble a little bit. I have a lot of friends in DC who say you’re going hard on these guys who have been around a long time. I say, guess what, how do you take a guy or girl who’s worked for $175,000  a year for the last 10 or 15 years in Congress, that’s what a Senator and Congressman make, and they walk away with $10 million. What happened in those 10 years, because you certainly didn’t earn enough from your salary, what are you doing on the side? I’ve always disliked that Washington inside crew.”

He added that he was attracted a number of candidates that were vying for the Republican nomination, but saw the clearest path to victory with Trump.

“I liked what Rand Paul was bringing, I liked what Ted Cruz was bringing and I liked what Donald Trump was bringing. The reason why I started to fall behind Donald Trump is because he was the one I thought could win. He was the one that I thought could beat Hillary Clinton.”


He’s examined the electoral map and does not think the odds are impossible to overcome.

“If you look at what’s going on, Trump has an opportunity right here. Mitt Romney got destroyed in 2012, but he still won certain amount of states. If you take the states that Mitt Romney won, I would say they are comfortably red. All Trump has to do is take Ohio, Florida, and either Pennsylvania or Michigan and he wins.”

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