By Cleve Bryan

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — Wearing the same bright colors, typically used to caution drivers, hundreds of construction workers were at the statehouse on Monday, trying to get the attention of New Jersey lawmakers.

Without action, the Transportation Trust Fund, that pays for road and bridge repairs, will run dry this week.

“State’s going to run out of money soon and it’s going to be a tragedy and you got to come up with the money,” said Robert Fawcett of Laborers Local 472, but the means for replenishing the trust fund has many drivers worried, a 23-cent per gallon increase to the gas tax.

Erican Jedynak’s group, Americans for Prosperity, says the tax is too high for a state that already spends too much on roads.

“So, we actually collect more transportation revenue than 42 other states in the country, we also have the highest administrative cost in the country, so Trenton has to do more with less.”

A 2014 report from the Reason Foundation revealed that New Jersey spends more than 12 times the national average on state controlled road and bridges.

Right now, there is a bi-partisan plan to pass the Gas Tax that comes with retirement and estate tax relief, but now all Republicans, including Governor Christie, are on board. Efforts have been ongoing to tweak the bill to avoid a showdown with the governor.

If a deal can’t be reached on late Monday, they can try again for Thursday, which is the day the trust fund runs out.