PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked with author Philip Haney on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his book, See Something, Say Nothing, in which he says the federal government is not taking the threat of terrorism seriously.

Haney claims the investigators are being censored in regards to what language they are allowed to use while combating terrorists.

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“There’s been this incessant push toward moving away from the words that we need to use to understand the nature or the threat. The Department of Homeland Security just put out their new guidelines in June that says we can’t even use the words ‘Sharia Law’ or a word, ‘Uma’, which means mother and also global community in Arabic. As a retired federal law enforcement officer, I could just picture having somebody in a secondary interview who waves that directive in front of me and says you can’t ask me about Sharia law, in fact, I’m so offended, I’m going to sue you for even putting me in this position.”

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He says information that needs to be revealed is being kept from the public.

“They’re doing what Attorney General Loretta Lynch did in broad daylight, redacting phrases out that are deemed offensive or somehow re-victimizing the people from Orlando. Even when they did finally publish the un-redacted version, they still changed the Arabic phrases that he was shouting when he was shooting people.”

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