PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chris Stigall questioned the viability of Donald Trump’s presidential bid after he fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, amid financial reports revealing his operation has on $1.3 million on hand.

On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Stigall said Trump’s finances are an embarrassment when compared to other campaigns.

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“Snap out of it you’re one of these Trump people that can’t deal with reality and listen to me. Ben Carson has more cash on hand right now than the presumptive Republican nominee. So, I ask you…is it time, perhaps, is it fair, given the state of this campaign in terms of cash on hand, non-existent donor lists, this campaign staff structure that’s clearly not there? 73 people? Clinton has an army. She has 700 people. She has $40 million on hand. If you’re a Republican delegate, is it time you start thinking? This isn’t illegitimate stuff…This is hardcore reality time now.”

He believes it is time to face the possibility that Trump will not be around to take on Hillary Clinton in November.

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“Even if you’re an ardent Trump supporter, at this point, I feel like you’ve got to be pretty highly skeptical of his ability to run a national presidential campaign as a serious person. I’m telling you it’s not even so much that I think Trump’s not the nominee, I’m not sure he wants to be. I’ve always wondered it and I’ve said so before. I’ve been honest with you. I’m not sure the man wants this. He clearly has not taken the time to shape or manage a campaign. It’s very, very obvious now. I feel there’s an element of people being played for suckers here. It bothers me deeply. I have to ask serious people who care about the future of this country, is it unreasonable for the Republicans at this convention to start looking at the status of things and going, you know, maybe we don’t hand him the keys to the car.”

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