By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — During yoga practice sessions, instructors often help students with body alignment, especially during certain poses, like up-dog, triangle and crow. And sometimes, it gets to be hands-on alterations to a pose.

“I wanted to allow people to have the power to say yes or no,” said Octavia Plachkov, a private yoga instructor with

Plachkov bought a Flip Chip to allow her yoga students to have the power to consent.

Courtesy of 'Flip Chip' (photo by Vince Isner)

Courtesy of ‘Flip Chip’ (photo by Vince Isner)

“It has ‘assist’ on one side and ‘no assist’ on the other side,” she said. “Everybody gets a token.”

Plachkov says it’s a way for people to politely indicate if they want the hands-on adjustment from their teachers.

“Someone might have experienced a traumatic, life event, that they don’t want to be touched. Like it was sexual harassment, some kind of violence, or maybe they are just having a bad day,” said Plachkov. “No one’s judged, everyone feels equally respected in terms of their boundary and privacy.”

And, so far, it’s been well-received by the people she teaches.

“It’s been amazing,” Plachkov said. “They love it.”