By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBS) — Everything and everyone was open season Thursday night at the third 94WIP 2016 Philly Sports Roast on Thursday night in a packed Crystal Tea Room, from Howard Eskin’s beard, to the Angelo Cataldi’s sleeping hours, to Merrill Reese’s bathing habits. Proceeds of the event went to the Coaches vs. Cancer program.

The dais included a who’s-who of local celebrities. Future Hall of Fame fighter Bernard Hopkins and legendary Eagles’ radio play-by-play announcer Merrill Reese were there, as was former Phillie Gary Matthews. The event was hosted by the man of million voices, 94WIP’s Joe Conklin.

But the real star was a late arrival, comedian Eleanor Kerrigan, whose timing and delivery ripped up the room. Not much can be repeated here. She laid waste Eskin, Cataldi and everyone on the dais to great applause.

Cataldi was also very good.

Some of his zingers that could be repeated here, included Eskin’s beard being a collection of hair from Mike Schmidt, Charles Barkley, Andy Reid and every other famous athlete he covered in Philadelphia. He mentioned that Reese’s penchant for baths over showers is because it tales the water such a long time to reach him.

“I came prepared, I came with jokes written down and as I’ve said, I’m smarter than Howard,” said Cataldi, laughing. “This was a great time, and it was for a great cause. In the end, everyone had a good time.”

Then Cataldi told Eskin to get home and get some sleep, since Eskin was filling in for Cataldi for his Friday morning shift at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

“We both respect each other and it was fun,” Eskin said. “Now I have to go get some sleep because Angelo is too soft to go to work on Friday.”