VOORHEES, N.J. (CBS) — Camden County officials have announced the arrest of a local doctor who allegedly over-prescribed Oxycodone, and other substances, to individuals. His receptionist was also arrested.

Officials say that Dr. William R. Wolfe, of Marlton, ran a neurological practice in Voorhees. Police say he over-prescribed the addictive pain-killer and his receptionist, Lisa McIlhenny, of Clifton Heights, Pa. was also arrested in connection to the alleged crime.

Dr. Wolfe, 52, as well as McIlhenny, 47, have been charged with distribution of a controlled substance. Dr. Wolfe was charged with two counts of that charge while McIlhenny also faces charges of theft of prescription documents and practicing medicine without a license.

Authorities began their investigation following charges of a drug-induced death that occurred in Gloucester County.

Following his arrest, Dr. Wolfe surrendered his medical license.