PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – David French, a writer at National Review, discussed the matchup between Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump for President and explained why, after serious consideration, he decided not to enter the race as a third-party candidate.

French, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Americans face a no-win situation at the ballot box this November.

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“You have one guy, who is Donald Trump, who has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Absolutely no clue about a strategy to beat ISIS overseas and you have Hillary Clinton who should know better, but doesn’t. That’s why America faces just a dreadful choice.”

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He believes Donald Trump is doing very serious damage to the credibility of the Republican party.

“The polls show that he is sliding further and further and further behind Hillary Clinton. I’m not quite sure where that will stop. We’ll see if the Republican delegates want to nominate a doomed candidate, who is going to stain the Republican brand for a generation because of his complete and aggressive ignorance.”

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French also explained why he chose not to run for President, as a conservative alternative to Trump.

“I was actually, seriously considering it. Only because of the crisis that we face. Nobody was stepping forward. There was a strong team of people who had assembled and were willing to potentially fund a race, organize a race. The ballot access issue was a lot easier than people were saying. At the end of the day, I looked hard at it and I realized that I could possibly be more harm than good here. I didn’t have a pre-existing constituency. I didn’t have a name. So, introducing myself to the American people would have been a pretty darn expensive proposition.”