By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Three years ago, Donovan McNabb offered advice to Robert Griffin III, after his 2012 offensive rookie of the year season with the Washington Redskins.

RGIII declined has advice, saying “it’s probably best we don’t talk.”

Now, the former Eagles’ quarterback and franchise leader in wins, completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns is giving his advice to the newest Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz.

“Smile,” McNabb said via “You be you. The way that I handled it was, I was never gonna allow anyone deter me or make me be someone I’m not. The whole thing about it is, you’re drafted by an organization because of who you are and how you handle situations. Here in Philadelphia, he has to be that guy. You can’t go out and try to be me. You can’t go out and try to be Ron [Jaworski]. There’s no reason for you to try to go be Randall [Cunningham]. Just be who you are. People will begin to adjust to of what you’re capable of doing.

“And I think for Carson, this is an opportunity for him to go out in the community and try to shake hands and take pictures with babies, and try to bring all the attention to him,” McNabb said. “Because as soon as you throw an incompletion or an interception, they will boo you. And you have to be able to put that behind you and have a short-term memory.”

As for the Eagles’ 2016-17 starting QB, Sam Bradford, McNabb sympathized with his offseason displeasure.

“Is there really competition when it comes to Week 7, Week 8 when you’re sitting there 3-5, 2-6?” McNabb asked.

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“He can’t worry about what Carson Wentz is doing, what he’s thinking — although it’s hard here in Philadelphia because he’ll hear from the crowd,” McNabb said. “But I think for both parties, just continue to approach this thing like they’re starters, like things are going well, and let everything else develop and take care of itself.”