By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A pizza delivery man, shot in the head during a robbery, is now out of the hospital and recounting those horrifying moments. Some people are calling the recovery miraculous.

It is hard to believe that Gafaru Surah is up and about and smiling. “They told me I’m a miracle guy,” Surah said.

Police say the violent robbery happened on Monday night in Southwest Philadelphia after two men placed a fake order to lure the delivery driver. He could only give up the $60 in his pocket and he was shot.

“When they shot me, I was in the ground screaming, crying,” Surah described. When the suspects drove off, he sought help. Surah described a woman helping him stop the bleeding and flagging down cars in an effort to help him.

No arrests have been made, but investigators tell Eyewitness News that the two men have since tried to use Surah’s debit card and they are working to obtain that surveillance footage.

Surah’s cousin says they are confident the men will be caught. “I have 1,000,000 percent confidence they will find them,” said Alidou Alassale.

In the meantime, Surah says he will continue to smile because he has every reason to do so.

“They didn’t expect that I’d be so quickly recovered and I told them, it’s just Allah. It’s just God.” His speedy recover is perhaps already a sign of triumph over his attackers.

Surah says despite his appearance, he is still in a lot of pain. He has not yet decided whether he will return to his job as a pizza delivery driver.