3pm – Alberto R. Gonzales: Trump has a right to ask if Judge Gonzalo Curiel is fair

3:50pm – Wizard World Comic Con draws thousands of ‘big nerds’

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4pm – Gingrich: Trump Attacking Judge ‘Inexcusable,’ One of His ‘Worst Mistakes’

4:15pm – Trump calls Gingrich criticism of judge comments ‘inappropriate’

4:30pm – Hillary Clinton Finally takes questions from the press, this is what they ask her

4:40pm – Hillary’s coughing fit returns

4:50pm – Bill Clinton: Sanders supporters ‘will be toast’

4:55pm – Police seek man who threw beer bottle at Phillies’ Ryan Howard

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5pm – Bernie Sanders: Clinton Foundation Is A “Problem,” Took Money From “Dictatorships”

5:05pm – Stephanopoulos Grills Hillary: Do You Accept Report That ‘You Broke State Department Rules’?

5:10pm – CNBC Grills Sidney Blumenthal: “How Would We Know” Donations To Clinton Foundation Didn’t Affect Policy?

5:20pm – Quentin Tarantino-produced project casting call asks for ‘whores’

5:28pm – Foods Endorsed by Celebrities Are Almost All Terrible for You

5:30pm – Trump Attacks Anthony Weiner: ‘I Never, Ever Want Him To Tweet Me’


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