PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck discussed her opposition to proposals in the state that would raise the gasoline tax between 20 and 40 cents a gallon, insisting that residents are already taxed too heavily.

Beck, while talking to Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said increasing the cost of driving would place an unnecessary strain on everyone she represents.

“They’re talking about raising the gas tax 40 cents a gallon, 20 cents a gallon. It is extraordinary what they’re looking at and it’s out of the question. People are already overtaxed in this state and it makes absolutely no sense that they would burden us with another tax increase.”

She believes there are changes that can be implemented to fund infrastructure projects without raising the cost of gasoline for consumers.

“It involves making some reforms, including merging our transportation agencies and reforming our health benefits program, which is now costing tax payers for a family plan, like, $40,000 in premium per family and doing a couple of other things. It includes some new expansions of motor vehicle fines. But overall, the question is can we do it? Can the state of New Jersey implement a renewal of the transportation trust fund without raising the gas tax and the answer is yes.”

Beck claims the poor and middle class would be the most heavily impacted by the added tax and hopes it is not signed into law.

“People need to have confidence that we spend their money wisely and it’s not there. Between the cost of the projects and the conversation that’s going on now, I don’t see it. We have the highest taxes in the nation and to turn around and ask people to pay 40 cents a gallon [more] to drive to work, especially, our working poor and middle class folks, this is devastating to them.”