By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gone are the days where stapling flyers to telephone poles was the best method for finding a lost pet.

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Social networks have led the charge toward crowdsourcing help from neighbors and nearby friends. And now there’s now an even faster way to sound the community alarm.

When Cory Donovan’s Dobermans went missing, he says, “I did what a lot of people do — freaked out.”

He was lucky, he found his dogs, but it took more than a day.

“The longer your pet is running free, the greater likelihood they put themselves in harm’s way, and the more likely they’ll get far enough that your search efforts become compromised.”

His solution: a free app called FurAlert.

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Once a pet is reported missing in your area, it sends an instant notification to your phone and a way to contact the owner.

“You get a picture of the animal, a map where it was reported missing, and the details of the pet.”

“New technology that really will employ an army of volunteers.”

Gloucester Township Mayor David Mayer says the more people who download FurAlert, the safer all four-legged family members will be.

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