PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is continuing to voice his opposition to the nuclear deal reached last year with Iran, claiming it has increased the likelihood that the Iranians will eventually acquire nuclear weapons.

Toomey, in an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, accused the White House overlooking Iran’s flouting of the agreement’s language and assisting their economic development.

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“I don’t think this deal blocks Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon. I think it paves their path to a nuclear weapon. There’s a relatively recent development in the last few weeks and months that have been very disturbing and I’ve been very outspoken about them… and that is the administration is now going beyond the obligations of the Iran nuclear deal. The Iranians, mind you, have refused to sign it. They have refused to ratify it. They do not acknowledge that they are bound by it. But this administration, the Obama administration, not only has released upwards of $100 billion to Iran, but they have now decided that it is their self appointed role to facilitate Iran’s economic integration into the global economy.”

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He also called on his Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty, to come out about against the deal in advance of their Senate contest.

“I’m going to challenge my opponent, Katie McGinty, to finally acknowledge, at least now, what a terrible deal this was. How Iran has misbehaved egregiously even after the deal and let’s just dispense with this nonsense. Let’s put some tough sanctions back in place and head down a better path.”


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